Self-taught American artist Branko Paradis' more recent work explores reverse painting, a technique used by artists since the Middle Ages, where paint is applied in layers to the back of glass or plexiglass, creating a more crisp, vibrant image than one might achieve on canvas.  In reverse painting, the artist paints on the reverse side of the surface to be shown.  Beginning with the smallest details, layers of paint are gradually added until the entire reverse side is completed and dry.  The finished painting is then viewed from the unpainted side. This is very laborious and time-consuming work, especially when the work has so many details, as it does in Paradis' work.  These photos were taken through the glass/plexi surface, which is highly reflective.  At times, a slight mark or shadow may appear in the photo, which, of course, does not appear in the originals.  These paintings are framed, ready to hang and are available.