a new original

July 4th Fireworks, New York City

Reverse oil painting on plexiglass. Image 16x20 in. Framed (not shown)

 (c) Branko Paradis.  All Rights Reserved.






Branko Paradis, an American artist, was born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1942.  By age eleven, he was trading family food for pencils and colors. Paradis is a Naive, Self-taught artist, and has had no art training.  Growing up, he loved everything American, and his only dream was to come to America.  In the late 60's, he was part of the second generation of artists involved in the major Croatian Naive art movement.  After several exhibitions in Europe, Paradis finally arrived in New York  in 1970.    

In 1972, having heard about his background in Europe, the Director of Galerie St. Etienne on W. 57th St., invited Paradis to participate in a major exhibition featuring the Croatian artists of the Naive movement in Croatia.  From 1977-78, Paradis had his first one-man show at Hammer Galleries in NYC.  Its success was a turning point in his life as an artist in the USA.

Paradis'  themes and subjects have been varied.  Vivid memories of snow and peasants remain with him, and he continues to paint them.  In the late 1990s, he directed his energy to his unique Naive African animals.  His love for the USA appears often in many of his works.  Finally, his 2016 collection of reverse oil painting is a reminder of his original roots.  Branko Paradis' work has been collected and enjoyed by many.

Contact  Paradis directly with any questions or comments. Studio visits in NYC are welcomed.