About Branko Paradis

Branko Paradis, born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1942, began to paint at age eleven, and has never had any art training.  Growing up, he loved everything American, and his only dream was to come to America.  In the late 60's, he was part of the very popular second generation of Croatian Naive artists.  In 1970, Paradis finally arrived in New York.    

In 1972, the Director of Galerie St. Etienne on W. 57th St., having heard about Paradis' work in Europe, invited him to join a major exhibition featuring artists of the Naive movement in Croatia.  This show brought Paradis further recognition, which inspired his first one-man show at Hammer Galleries  from 1977-78.  

Paradis' themes and subjects have varied.  Vivid memories of snow and peasants remain with him, and he continues to paint them.  In the late 1990s, he directed his energy to his unique naive African animals.  His love for the USA appears often in many of his works.  Most recently, his 2016 collection of reverse oil paintings brings him back to his roots. Branko Paradis' work has been collected and enjoyed by many.  



"I love Branko’s work!  It is always so fresh and I find there is a great deal of optimism in the work.  It is as if his view is always sunny, his work exudes a remarkably positive outlook always. I find that each painting brings me joy. When I have visitors, there is always a comment about the work, how beautiful it is, people consistently love it! I feel the passion in his work and I find his expressed point of view not only hopeful but quite blissful. There is a lovely playfulness that is never dismissive or distracting, it is an integral component that shapes the statement and adds to the compelling nature of his work. The paintings seem to carry their own mission; to be seen and more importantly to be enjoyed, appreciated and loved. Their presence lightens the room, seems to shun the sad or disturbing news of the day and allows me to focus on the innocence and exuberance they depict. Essentially, they present themselves as islands of tranquility and joy in my everyday life. I love living with Branko’s art every day!"


Reverse Oil Paintings on glass & plexi

This new collection by Self-taught American artist Branko Paradis, revives his previous experience with reverse painting from Croatia.  Paint is applied in layers to the reverse side of the glass/plexi.  Beginning with the smallest details, layers of paint are gradually added, until the entire reverse side is completed and dry.  The finished painting is then viewed from the unpainted side. This is extremely laborious and time-consuming work, especially when there so many details, as in Paradis' work. These imperfect photos were taken through the surface, which is highly reflective.  All originals are framed and ready to hang.  Frames can be removed, and replaced with your own choices. 

Please send any questions or comments to Branko.